About Us

I want to Thank You for taking your time to visit
my website.
In 1994 I found a need
to develop a business that would allow
me to help raise my four children,
but also to allow me the opportunity
to have a small share of that lost treasure
we are all searching for...

In searching for this business and lost treasure
I came in contact with many people that needed
help with house cleaning, care giving and
help with everyday chores.
There was a need for someone that would provide
a reliable and quality service.
This was a service needed by everyone,
families, seniors, businesses and professionals,
the list goes on!

My Goal
has been to not only provide a quality service
for all my client's and the many persons I
have yet to meet,but to allow others like You to
the opportunity to have a piece of that
hard to find, valuable treasure...