~Keeper of Your Time~

Helping You to find Time for the more important
things in life...

Keeper of Your Time
is dedicated to helping you complete your To Do lists,

whether it is your routine personal
errands or your unexpected business needs.

While you tend to your business,
we will take care of the rest.

We can help with your grocery shopping, banking,
dry cleaning pickup & delivery;
errands, house and pet sitting, and we offer our own
cleaning services for your home and office.

We are located in the Paradise & Chico
Area, of Northern California.

If we have not listed a service that you need,
please be sure to ask and we will be happy
to customize our services to meet your
personal or business needs. We look forward to
helping you Enjoy the more important things in life.

Our mission is to help you to Reduce
Stress & Simplify your life.

What better gift to give yourself
and your loved ones, than...

"The Gift of Time"